Monica Sitienei, Caroline Simiyu, and Lomeyen Kerion front of their kiosk with their sheep.

A Small Kiosk
Stand is Sending Children to School

Caroline Simuyu was able to buy a cow with the profits that she earned from her small business with Monica Sitienei and Lomeyen Kerio. Their business was one of the many businesses funded by the Singal Foundation.

With a grant of $25,000 from the Foundation, Village Enterprise (non-profit working in East Africa) trained 150 new entrepreneurs, started 50 new three-person businesses, and transformed the lives of approximately 1,000 children, women, and men. 

Caroline, Monica and Lomeyen own a small produce stand that is positioned on the edge of the main road that runs through their village. It’s an opportune spot to sell small bags of flour, handmade donuts, dried fish, seasoning, and packets of dish soap.

The three women harmoniously work together to care for their sheep, travel to town to purchase new stock and sell their wares.

They mentioned that they are thankful for Village Enterprise because it has bonded them together. They have a support network and a strong sense of community due to the Business Savings Group and the interactions they share with customers.

Monica explains that she’s a single parent to her six children, but feels as though she has a husband because she’s earning money, and she identifies her business as her husband. The women also feel independent and are proud to be earning their own money.

“I used to depend on my husband, which caused so much conflict. But now I have my own source of money. I can even put my children in private school,” Caroline said as she recounts all the ways in which this grant has transformed her life.

The businesses in Sabwani Marinda village are creating peace in the area, and many people noted how conflict at home as subsided.

Together, we can change the world!

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