Claudia Gutierrez on the roof of her home waiting to be rescued by helicopter

Stronger Than
the Storm

Claudia Gutierrez is the owner and operator of ClaudiaG Collection. She designs and sells beautifully handcrafted handbags and fashion accessories. She enjoys working from home. Claudia also used a portion of her house as an office and warehouse for her inventory.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas, Claudia and her family were trapped inside their home with water up to their waists. They had to be rescued by helicopter from the rooftop.

Her business took a severe hit. She lost her home, inventory and livelihood. She was left to build her life and business from the ground up.

The Chamber of Commerce connected the Singal Foundation with Claudia, and after visiting her and learning more about her business we decided to give her a grant of $5,000 so she could use it to buy inventory. This would give her business an immediate kick start.

Today, Claudia is back on her feet and thriving. She claims she is stronger and better than ever before. She now strives to help other entrepreneurs get through the hard times in their business.

Together, we can change the world!

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